Press Release

The World’s Best Silent Door Stop:

  • Simply Silent Door Stop is new revolutionary door stop that solves the age-old problem of the bad door!
  • Simply Silent Door Stop does not need screws to hold it in place and installs in less than a minute.
  • It Self-aligns for easy guess free installation; screws are optional if needed.
  • Saves the wall from noise and damage from the door knob.
  • Strong enough to hold many automatic door closers, For Homes, Apartment, Retail, Commercial, Outdoor and RV.
  • We are so confident we have the best most versatile door stop we have a 10-year warranty.
  • Don't get caught holding the door.
  • Because everyone Deserves a Life-Changing Door Stop.
  • 10,000 in retail packages ready for store shelves.
  • 50,000 retail and 4,000 5-unit contractor packs available.


When my twins were babies their room, the door would hit the wall and wake one of them up.

No Matter how hard we tried it had a bad thud when the door was opened.  With Twins when one baby would wake up then the other would be up and I had to try and calm them both. When you got ready to leave and it was dark the door would creep closed half way and I would hit it in the dark! Ouch! Plus, if I was loud enough trying not to scream then they would wake up again, No Fun.

I came up with a couple of Ideas to help with the door, I took a squeeze ball and drilled a hole and that made it quiet but now the door would always be half open, the ball worked great but the toddlers would take it and chew it up into pieces Yuck!

I went to the market place but could not find anything that matched the problem I was having.

I needed something that was quiet but strong and could hold the door open without having to bend over to unlatch!

Something Simple to install and strong enough to take a beating from angry teenagers.

A door stop that works with door angles, not just straight on and still hold the door firmly.

Something that would last for years and reasonably priced. With a 10-year warranty.

I designed and created Simply Silent Door Stop to fill all those wishes that were never available before.

I placed a couple in friend’s Apartment where their door would always close but they had to block the door if they had to bring in packages Simply Silent hold the door open with enough friction perfectly.

It’s also rugged enough to work for Motor homes and campers outside gates where exposure to the elements does not affect the plastic or rubber

Thank you for reading my story

Karl Borgen